Why it is Vital to Start Investing in Property in Your 20s?

In India, real estate is the second largest employer after agriculture. And, it is set to grow at 30% by the next decade, as noted by the India Brand Equity Foundation. Despite the vast opportunity, most people do not think about learning how to invest until their later years, when they have a stable career and extra income available. Yet the most successful investors have achieved financial freedom and retired early because they learned to invest from a young age.

The Indian government continues to create more favourable conditions for investing in real estate. So, you should utilize this chance and start buying investment property. Varun Manian, the owner of Radiance Realty in Chennai, is one of India’s most successful and youngest investors. A few years after his graduation, he started his business in 2012, and has grown it into a huge company that develops luxurious residential homes. Doesn’t that sound interesting and inspirational?

Real estate investment

Start Investing in Real Estate in 20s: Benefits

1. Helps to achieve financial freedom early

In the modern world, competition in the job market has made job insecurity common for most employees. It has become essential to have multiple streams of passive income that can be of assistance when uncertainties set in. Investing in real estate will give you extra income so that you do not have to worry much about the future of your career.

It provides greater financial security by considerably adding to your passive income and offering extensive potential for growth. To ensure that you grow continuously as a real estate investor, use returns to save and buy more property.

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2. You have more time to Start Small and Grow

Many beginners get excited about the idea of making tons of money just from their first investment. However, the Investment Network recommends that you start small and grow gradually. It takes time to realize your full potential as a real estate investor, and that is why it is better to start as early as you can.

Investing in your 20s will give time to make mistakes, learn, grow, and perfect the art of this industry. Additionally, you will benefit from appreciation, and your cash flow will increase because inflation usually raises rental prices. Also, holding a property for a long time means that you will complete mortgages earlier, thereby earning more money.

3. How about the money to start investing?

While this is considered one of the biggest concerns amongst ambitious younger individuals, buying your first property does not require as much money as some people think. The first step is to start saving money to make your first purchase, which does not have to be the entire cost. To achieve this, set aside a percentage of your current monthly income.

Besides, a good saving history will entice financers when you are looking for a mortgage lender to source funds to make your first purchase. Unfortunately, the average 20-26-year old has most likely accumulated debts like student loans, and this hinders chances of qualifying for a substantial loan.

Therefore, focus on clearing these debts so that you have a better debt-to-income ratio. You can also boost your credit score by paying all credit card debts and checking your report to ensure that any mistakes are corrected early enough. Additionally, always pay your bills on time, and keep tangible proof of this, as advised by Indiamart.

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Investment in Real estate: Conclusion

India’s real estate market is developing, and you should seek to grow with it from a young age. Amongst other skills, investing in your 20s will need determination, patience, and problem-solving skills.

Also, aim to learn from experts, and start networking so that you capture the most crucial industry drivers. You will end up retiring early when you are still fit and healthy, and able to enjoy life to the fullest.

What do you think about investing in real estate at a young age? Investment done wisely is surely going to reap greater benefits in the long run. So, it’s anyways better to start investing early. Do share your valuable opinions or any interesting ideas on the same.

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