Best Stock Market Movies: Must-Watch for Investors!

This post covers an exclusive list of Best Stock Market Movies to Watch in your free time. In the present day remote working era amid lockdowns and social distancing norms, when you wish to spend your time wisely, here are some interesting stock related movies for finance professionals, or anyone with keen interest in stock market movies.

Stock Market Movies: Significance

Learning any new concept is so time-consuming and it usually comes with reading books and attending classes. Movies, on the other hand, have been always associated as a good source of entertainment, and trust me I am a huge movie buff. But, apart from being entertaining, movies can also be a source of information and provide in-depth insights of some concepts or just give us a nudge towards a better understanding.

Although, studying is an essential part for understanding a concept, but movies many times can give us a peek into the drama behind the hard-core realities. In my opinion, everyone may not be a good reader and sometimes visuals impact us more than verbals or reading materials. Thus, watching something may have a larger impact and trigger a heavier learning curve than the former.

And, stock market is one such tricky and comprehensive field where practically observing facts and visuals can help you learn about it even deeper. So, how can you miss out these must-watch stock market movies of all times that take you deeper into the highly-volatile stock market world. Not to forget, the numerous lessons they teach us!

Best Stock Market Movies: Top List to Watch (Hollywood)

Now, let’s directly jump to out today’s topic i.e. some amazing movies which every investor must have in their watch list.

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1.The Big Short (2015):

We all remember the Great Recession 2008 and the movie is all about the actual reasons and details which led to such a fall down. A combination of a goofy comedy amid a financial crisis, the best movie to learn about the housing crash. The movie has three parallel stories going together which are loosely connected with each other to explain a layman the reasons for such financial fall down from 3 different perspectives of a trader. All in all, it is a summary of all loopholes in the financial market and the fall of global finances. The star-studded movie was highly acclaimed and have received many awards including Oscar.

2. The Wolf of the Wall Street (2013):

Quirky, funny and intelligent, the movie is a complete blend of all three. It’s one of my favorites! It’s a true story of Jordan Belfort (a Wall Street broker) who started as a broker and then moved further to become one of the big players on Wall Street. Later on, to keep his finances running he has to devise a plan to defraud their investors and was sent to jail for 22 months for the respective scam. One of the most entertaining stock broker movies that revolves around Jordan Belfort’s financial and personal life.

3. Margin Call (2011):

This is one of the movies stressing and depicting the Financial downfall of 2008 which was a global event. The story many covers the events occurring over 36 hours at all the major investment banks at Wall Street. It encompasses the struggles of the bank’s employees as they try to avert the awaiting financial breakdown. You wish to know what happens when a crisis befalls on financial firms, this is the one stock market crash movie you must watch.

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Best Financial Movies to Add

4. Inside Job (2011):

It’s a financial documentary combining all interviews of individuals explaining the financial crisis of 2008. The documentary is split into 5 stages:

  1. How We Got Here
  2. The bubble
  3. The Crisis
  4. The accountability
  5. Where we are now.

The interviewees provide their own version of events they think collaborated to the event and the fall down of the financial empire. It also provides a peek at the misery faced by the public and the financial setbacks, unemployment, and other related reaction to the crises.

5. Chasing Madoff (2010):

He was an American former trader, investment advisor and financial consultant who was involved in a massive Ponzi scheme and is currently is serving federal sentence. This movie is thriller spiraling down the event lane of the scam which resulted and was one of the most talked events in financial history ever. It’s a collaborative work of all the interviews which talks about their experience with Madoff and related scams.

6. American Pyscho:

It’s a fictional movie. With its violent and brutal, the movie focuses on a wealthy investment banker. The story covers the psyche behind the finance elite class.

Best Stock Market Movies in Hindi: 

7. Bazaar:

White collar crimes have a different concept and ruling as per any law. Although, they are different crime but none the less the penalty and prosecution remains the same. This is a fictional piece that revolves around white-collar crimes like insider trading, systemic corruption, and hostile takeovers. The movie displays a message to stay away from illegal stock trading practices.

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8. Gafla:

Harshad Mehta, an Indian stockbroker who played as a master of trading firms during his reign. With many scams like inside trading and induced spikes trade price, he has done a scam of 4000 crores. Gafla is a movie loosely based on Harshad Mehta’s life and story. It clearly pictures his journey leading to a scam and the level of uncertainty in stock market.

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Stock Market & Finance Movies: Few More to Add

Here are few more movies to include in our exclusive collection:

  • Wall Street
  • Trading Places
  • Boiler Room
  • Too Big to Fail
  • Rogue Trader
  • Money Monster

Any other stock market movie that you can think about? Do let us know in the comments!

The Bottom Line

The above listed stock movies are few of my favourite ones, but the list can go on and on. A fascinating bunch of movies for stock enthusiasts! Watching these movies gives you a push towards financial learning. Moreover, these act as an inspiration to understand the stock market trading and investment movements, high or low, and how to adjust and be cautious in the fickle environment.

Have you watched any of the above Stock Market Movies recently? Which one do you like the most? Do share your valuable feedback on any of the finance or share market related movies.

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