Which Course is Best after 12th Commerce without Maths?

Are you looking for a good course to pursue after 12th commerce? But, you are not interested in Mathematics or you haven’t studied it in your 12th standard. Or may be you are a bit scared to study it ahead. Relax, there’s no need to worry! We all have our own favourites and not-so-favourites! Right! If you are really searching for some of the Best Courses after 12th Commerce without Maths in India, you are at the right place.

Even if you are from the science, arts or any other study stream, you may still be eligible to apply to most of these courses without Maths as the main subject in it. In fact, it’s quite common to see students taking up graduation courses without Maths. No matter you belong to which field! And, that’s pretty normal.

Now, that you have made up your mind to checkout this massive list of courses without Maths. We won’t make you wait longer to grab the best collection of trending courses around.

So, we have put together a list of most popular courses after 12th commerce without maths. Not only this, you’ll get to know about some general courses that students from different study background can also pursue.

Hence, learn about a set of diversified career options where it won’t be compulsory to study Maths.

Best Courses after 12th Commerce without Maths: List

Here are the most common ones and the favourites, easy to go courses without maths:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)
  • B.Com (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)
  • Bachelor of  Arts (BA)
  • B.Ed or Bachelor of Education
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Note: If you are a science student, you can also check:

  • B.Pharm or B.Pharmacy
  • Pharm D or D Phramacy
  • B.Sc Courses (A whole lot of options are available where no Maths required)

Professional Courses after 12th Commerce 

There is a general myth that professional courses after 12th commerce have a compulsory vast Maths subject syllabus hidden in them.

But, the fact is that, you’ll have to study Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Statistics primarily in the CA and CMA Foundation courses (initial level only). While you won’t have to get deeper into the gigantic pool of Mathematics formulas after that.

Although, it may be considered better if you have studied Mathematics in your 11th and 12th commerce. But, having a basic understanding of Maths is also sufficient to carry on to make a career in these fields.

Law Courses:

  • BA LLB (Integrated)
  • B.Com LLB (Integrated)
  • BBA LLB (Integrated)
  • BSc LLB (Integrated)

*The Law Entrance exam requires you to prepare for Mathematics and reasoning as well. Now, that doesn’t sound too much!

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Creative Courses after 12th Commerce: No Maths

Now, maximum of the creative career options won’t ask for a Mathematics in your 12th commerce. Also, these won’t either force it on you in their regular course.

So, let’s checkout something towards the creative side now.

  • Travel & Tourism Courses
  • Fashion Designing Courses
  • Aviation Courses
  • Event Management Courses
  • Animation & Multimedia Courses
  • Journalism & Mass Communication courses
  • Hotel Management Courses
  • Digital Marketing Courses

However, there may be some technical or specific creative courses where Maths might be a requirement to enrol into them. So, just check beforehand with the respective institution to avoid any confusions later on.

Course after 12th Commerce without Maths: A Final Take

Whatever the reason may be, you don’t feel comfortable with Mathematics or you wish to focus on other interesting subjects. You don’t have interest in it or that’s not your strongest subject. Or you simply wish to go for something other than Maths. There are “n” no. of reasons to justify it. Most importantly, what matters is to study and focus on what you actually like.

To conclude, we can say, commerce students keep on asking “Are there any good career options after 12th commerce without Maths?” And, the simple answer is: Yes, you do have a number of courses after 12th commerce with Maths and without Maths as well.

Moreover, a whole lot of course alternatives are there where you won’t have to study Maths as a part of your curriculum ahead.

Any other important points you wish to add, you can discuss in the comments section. Do you know about some other courses without Math subject? Do add here to make our list more comprehensive.

Useful Tip: You must not solely rely on this “Maths included or excluded” criteria for selecting a Course after graduation in commerce. Know what are your interests? What’s the scope of a particular course? Discuss with your family and teachers. All have there experiences to share. And, then take the final decision.

Disclaimer: This post is for informational purpose only. Before enrolling for any of these courses, do thorough research about different courses with the respective college/university. Consult the relevant staff or go through the prospectus to get the finest details on subjects included in a particular course.

Which is your favourite subject? So, you really don’t like studying Maths? Are you finding a suitable course after 12th commerce without Maths in it? Nothing to worry! All have their preferred subjects. Above all, you’ll find plenty of interesting courses to choose from. Feel free to share your feedback or any queries that come to your mind. Don’t forget to share this interesting post with your friends.

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  1. Hello , I want to become a sales tax officer. And for that I will clear SSC exam. So, before clearing SSC exam, is BBA the correct choice?


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