10 Best Courses after 12th Commerce

Through this blog, we shall be highlighting some of the Best Courses that students can pursue after 12th Commerce and build a good career in the commerce stream.

Students normally get confused as to which degree or professional course to undertake in order to build up a good career base. Simply stated, What to do after 12th Commerce is a common query that students tend to face once they reach 12th standard.

Parents are also worried about the career options for their children that will set a good platform for them to become successful in life. There are numerous career options to select from. But, you wish to select the best for yourself.

So, here we shall be discussing about career in commerce i.e. career options for commerce students only.

Courses after 12th Commerce: How to Choose?

You can’t define one single best course for yourself. There are a number of degrees and professional courses to choose from. What matters is the one that you choose and prove it to be the best for yourself.

Making the right career choice is a major decision of one’s life. Sometimes it is a bit confusing. So, follow your interests and go ahead with what makes you feel happy.

You became familiar with a whole range of commerce subjects in class 11. Not only this, you further broadened your horizon by studying interesting commerce subjects in 12th class.

Therefore, once you pass 12th Commerce, you need to select in which direction you should move ahead. Taking the right decision is just a stepping stone for building a successful career in the commerce field. You have to put in the best of your efforts to achieve your dreams.courses after 12th commerce, commerce courses, list of commerce courses, best courses after 12th commerce

Commerce is a vast field where you will get to explore a variety of areas based on the course you select like:

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Law
  • Taxation
  • Auditing
  • Management
  • Investing
  • Insurance
  • Investment banking
  • General Banking
  • Consulting
  • Supervising
  • Reporting
  • Decision making
  • Teaching etc.

So, if you are aware of your interests and which way you exactly want to go, things might seem a bit easy.

Here is a list of some of the main courses that commerce students can pursue after their 12th Commerce standard.

This is not in any particular order, you can go through this massive list and make a choice based on your specific interests. We have tried to cover a few major career options for commerce students.

10 Best Courses after 12th Commerce:

Here’s a list of Top 10 Courses that you can pursue after 12th commerce (not in ant sequential order):

1. Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com):

This is the general degree that spans over a period of 3 years that you can pursue after completing your 12th commerce. Having a normal B.com degree proves quite handy even if you are pursuing any of the professional courses. It is always beneficial to complete your graduation that may help you later on if you go for higher studies.

You can pursue B.Com as a full time course or through correspondence depending upon your choice. Distance education courses or correspondence  courses are beneficial if you are also pursuing a professional course like CA, CS etc. Otherwise a regular degree is a better choice.

B.Com Key Takeaway:

This is the most common and the simplest career choice for commerce students. In fact, even if you think of pursuing any other professional course, having a basic graduate degree proves beneficial in the long term.

2. Bachelors of Commerce (Honours) or B.com (Hons):

This is similar to B.com but in an extensive form with specialisation in a particular subject or field like Accountancy, management or economics etc. The industry demand for B.com (Honours) is somewhat better than normal B.com. However,the admission criteria and eligibility conditions might be similar for both. These may slightly vary for different universities/colleges.

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The subjects are also quite similar, the major difference being that you will get to do in depth analysis while studying B.Com (Hons).

B.com (Hons.) Key Takeaway:

Being an extension of the normal B.com, you’ll gain specialisation in a particular main subject of your choice.

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3. Bachelors in Economics:

This is yet another option for commerce students to pursue after their higher secondary education. You will get to experience practical knowledge on various economic concepts, economic policies, analytical methods and programs etc. If you are keenly interested in economics and want to gain specialisation about the economic framework, this might suit you.

Further, if you want to prepare for Indian Administrative Services or IAS, having an economic background shall be an added advantage for you.

4. Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA):

This is a 3 year Business administration course helping to build a base in core business disciplines. You get to explore different functional areas of a business environment. So, if you are interested in getting an exposure to the various business aspects and get a hold of the concepts of business administration, this course might be your choice.

In addition to academic learning, if you pursue BBA from a good university, you get well versed with business insights and real world business skills.

BBA Key Takeway:

After completing your graduation, you can look forward to a Post graduation degree like M.Com (Finance) or MBA (Finance) or MBA with specialisation in any other field as per your preferences. This is an obvious choice for the ones thinking to build their career in the financial and business management field.

In future, if you are thinking to pursue MBA you may wish to have a look at Top 10 B-Schools in India: Best Business Schools

5. Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS):

Another undergraduate programme designed to prepare students in the field of management. This is a 3 year course that provides theoretical and practical training which helps to inculcate leadership and managerial skills. A good understanding of managerial practices and concepts can guide you to explore ample of opportunities in the business world.

You get to learn and add varied knowledge in the field of management, human resources, organisational theories, research methodology etc. The demand for skilled managerial professionals has seen an increasing trend. So, having the requisite degree from a reputed institution can help you to become successful in the corporate world.

Some colleges might have renamed their BBA Course as BMS Course. So, don’t get confused and just clarify all the details beforehand from the respective college.

Important: Please note that semester system is being followed for most of the Bachelors and Masters degrees these days. Hence, check out all the relevant course details, fees, duration, subjects and other important aspects from the respective colleges/universities.

Professional Courses after 12th Commerce:

Adding to the graduation courses above, here’s a list of popular courses in the field of accounting and finance. Of course, a common and some of the best choices of students with a commerce background.

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6. Chartered Accountancy (CA)

This is the best professional course for building a successful career in commerce. Becoming a Chartered Accountant opens the various doors to exciting career opportunities in diversified sectors. You can act as a Tax Consultant, an auditor, an advisor, a financial officer and so. This entirely depends upon whether you go in your own independent practice or you settle for a corporate job.

No doubt, CA requires lot of hard work and sincere efforts to enter this esteemed profession.

It might be easy for CA entrants to clear the initial level. But, the higher levels you reach i.e. Intermediate (IPCC) and CA Finals, the tougher it gets. So, complete determination followed by consistent efforts are the keys to success. The new curriculum has been launched for CA Course wherein you need to do Foundation, Intermediate and Final levels.

This professional course is provided by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). Its Head office is in New Delhi, branches are located all over India. You can visit the official website www.icai.org to get deeper insights on the course, eligibility conditions and admission procedure.

This a well known course promising rewarding career in the field of accounting, taxation, auditing, financial reporting to name a few. The theoretical knowledge alongwith the practical training (articleship) helps to build a good name and respectable position for yourself.

Know How to become a Chartered Accountant or CA? by following few simple steps.

7. Company Secretary (CS):

This is another professional course that is opted by students after 12th commerce. This course is provided by The Institute of Company Secretaries of India. A Company Secretary is basically responsible for all the regulatory compliance of the company and acts as an in-house legal expert. After doing CS, you have an option to practice independently or look in for a job in the corporate world.

This is also a preferred choice for students pursuing Chartered Accountancy. A combination of CA and CS is common choice among students to build a good career.

8. Cost and Management Accountant (CMA):

This course is provided by The Institute of Cost Accountants of India or ICWAI. Certified Cost Accountants maintain cost accounting records, do cost auditing, helps in planning, controlling and costing of products.

You can do your own practice as CMA or hold managerial positions in public as well as private enterprises. The role of Cost Accountant goes beyond that of Financial Accountant by helping in production operations and processes. You can chose the cost audit area, certification and consulting areas.

Also, have a look at CFA Certification: How to become a CFA?

9. Certified Financial Planner (CFP):

Are you are interested in building a career in areas of Personal finance, wealth management, insurance planning, mutual fund investing? If yes, then this might be a great fit for you. So, if you want to enter the financial planning world, then you need to get this certification as a Certified Financial Planner or CFP.

Financial Planning Standard Board India or FPSB India is the principal licensing body that grants CFP license.

So, if you are thinking to become a financial planner helping people in their investment planning, tax planning, insurance, retirement planning, CFP is a must have.

10. Bachelor of Law (LLB):

LLB is also a common degree that students pursue after their 12th standard. You might already know who a “lawyer” or “advocate” is and what are his duties.

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The Bar Council of India (BCI) is the main regulatory body of Law Education in India. BCI provides certificate of practice after completion of LLB. In order to practice you need to clear the All India Bar Examination.

If you wish to do the *integrated course, you can take the admission in 5 year integrated programme after the completion of your 12th standard exams. *Integrated undergraduate degrees provided are B.A. LL.B., B.Sc. LL.B., BBA LLB, B.Com LL.B

The law students have a great scope of establishing name, fame and a good career in the long run. Moreover, studying from the top law colleges in India surely adds to your profile.

Now, these were just few of the major courses for commerce students that you can select from. There might be many others courses to look for. Like you can go in for some banking courses or prepare for UPSC or IAS if you are interested in doing so.

Courses for Creative Minds

We have focused only on finance, accountancy, taxation, law and related courses in this post. There are numerous other courses that a commerce student can pursue as per his preferences, interests and creativity.

Students are also interested in:

  • Wildlife photography
  • Fashion designing
  • Hotel management
  • Other creative fields etc. as we got feedback in our comment section.

You just need to be confident, follow your passion and work hard to achieve success.

If you have the zeal to do something different, do have a look at Best Courses after 12th: Creative Career Options to look for!

Best Courses after 12th Commerce: A Final Take

Having guidance from your elders and experienced persons really helps. In fact, good elderly advice is essential to guide you in your career path. But, the final decision should be taken by keeping in mind your own passion and interests.

At the end of the day, you have to decide what you want to do. Stop thinking and start acting…

The education that you will gain today shall accompany you throughout your life and will surely guide your way.

If you follow your passion and pursue what you like, the success path will become much smoother for you. You can anyways become successful in life if you take the right career decisions and enjoy your career path.

The author of this blog is a Chartered Accountant, so you have read some exclusive details on the Chartered Accountancy course.

In addition to the above, you may also have an idea and information on courses after 12th commerce without maths and Courses after 12th Arts.

Courses for Commerce Students Abroad:

Further, going abroad for higher studies is a common choice amongst students when they complete their 12th standard. If that’s your choice, you will need to checkout a list of courses after 12th commerce that you can pursue abroad. We shall be covering it in one of our upcoming posts.

In the meantime, you may also like to scroll through our exclusive list of Courses after B.com: Best Career Options for Commerce students!

Wish you all the best in building a successful career in the Commerce field!

If you have any details or experiences to share on any other commerce courses after 12th, feel free to do so. For any course or career related queries, you can ask in the comment section below!

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  1. I recently passed in 12th commerce board and percentage is 45% only. Which is the best course for me? I am also interested in BCA.

  2. Hello, I am a student of 12th commerce. I am basically confused which is the best course that I should pursue after completing my 12th standard. If you say about interest, then I want to become a teacher. But, nowadays becoming a teacher isn’t a big profession or you know its normal now to be a teacher. So, I am further unable to decide what to do and which course to opt for. I seriously have no idea what am I going to become as I had to cancel the option of becoming a teacher. I hope that you would understand my problem and look up to it. Kindly suggest so that I can think a bit about it.

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  10. Can u suggest me which is the course that I can study as I have just finished my 12th board examination. Now, I have to study further so what can be the best course that I can do that will help me to build a successful career.

  11. There are different courses which can be chosen to make the best career after 12th commerce.
    Some of the top courses as highlighted in this post are Professional courses like:

    1) Chartered Accountant (CA)
    2) Cost and Management Accountant (CMA)
    3) Bachelor of Law
    4) Company Secretary (CS)

    Students can also choose a career after 12th commerce with maths and without maths. There are many courses available to build a good career.

  12. Hello, Just now I have given my 12th board exams. So, I am little bit confused about my career. But, I have decided to choose my career in Accounts field only because I like Accounts. So, please can you help me to suggest the career options in accounts field other than CA course.

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    • Hi Raghav,
      You want to choose commerce stream. If you are not good in maths, you can choose subject of your interest. Mtahs is related to engineering. This might not be very helpful in commerce. You can take Fine Arts as optional and boost your grade.

  15. Hi, my 11th exams went really bad due to lack of my seriousness towards studies. Is there any chance that I can polish my 11th basics and perform better in 12th class. I really want to get a good percentile in my boards. Therefore, if you could help me out here I would be really glad.

  16. Sir, I have scored 90.2% in my 10th board exams.I don’t like Maths and I am weak at it. Should I take it in 11th and 12th class? Can I do CA or MBA without taking Maths? If I don’t take maths, will I get admission in any college? I stay in Kolkata. I have an option to chosoe business studies instead of Maths. PLEASE REPLY!

    • Hello brother, I would suggest you to take business studies as it is a theory based subject and you will not feel any difficulty in it.

  17. Nice article! Keep posting such type of informative articles to help students choose best career options after 12th Class and take a good decision.

  18. I have given my 12th standard exams just now. I am very confused for selecting a proper course that gives me a great job opportunity. I am very interested in designing a product, its price, its label,logo and then selling it in the market etc. i.e. marketing management. In 12th class board project I made a project on marketing management and the board teacher was very impressed with my project . She also told me as a compliment that if I sold my product based on the project made, I’ll be able to take the product to a greater height. According to this, please tell me which course will be the best for me .

  19. A wonderful article! This gives all the details that a student normally looks for while deciding for a good career option. Thanks for sharing such in-depth and useful information.

  20. Hi, I am a student of 10th standard. I am going to take commerce and after completing my 12th I am planning to go for CA and CS. So, is it a good choice for career or should I go with some other courses. If I go for CA and CS approximately how many yrs would it take for me to complete my studies and get a good job? Can you please guide in this.

  21. Hello, I am very good in academics. I am expecting 95% plus in my 12th standard board exams(ISC).I like Economics but at the same time I am interested in CA also. People say that CA is the most fruitful career in commerce. I am extremely confused about what to do.
    Actually I suffer from a disorder called “congential nysthagmus”, it simply means bad eyesight. Which can be the best career with great opportunities and pay for people like me? I hope that you would help me out. Apart from this I have a gut feeling that computerized accounting might replace CAs in the future so this might make my degree worthless right?

    • Hi Vikas, You are done with your exams and it seems they have gone quite well! Great! First of all, let me just clarify an important point here, no matter how much computerised this world becomes but manual control is still indispensable. Businesses can’t survive without the help of qualified and trained persons in the accounting and taxation field. You always need efficient human supervision to analyse and interpret what a software is doing. Right! So, computerized accounting is not going to replace CAs anyhow. In fact, with the emergence of new laws and taxes around, the demand for CAs is on the rise. CA is a fruitful career but you get the rewards after putting in immense hard work.
      Now, coming to your interests, you like economics but look forward to do CA also. CA is a vast field where you shall focus primarily on accounting, taxes, laws etc. Economics shall be just a minute part of it that too at the initial stage only. Further, CA involves regular studies, a lot of patience and consistent efforts. There are as such no regular classes, but students usually get exhausted attending private coaching and preparation of exams. So, be careful while selecting your course. However, if you are determined to do CA just relax and analyse, how well you can manage it and then move in that particular direction.
      However, if you have keen interest in economics and wish to get a specialised degree in economics, you have other options to explore. You are an intelligent guy, think deeply, discuss with your family and friends and then take the best decision. All the best!

  22. Hi, my brother in law completed +2 commerce in 2008. Post that he did B.com from EĹLIM university. Right now he is pursuing MBA from KR Manglam University. He is not getting job as no one is considering his B.com valid. We are really confused what to do? Can you help.

    • Hi Isha, We can’t help much in this case. You need to check with the university where your brother in law completed his graduation. Whether it’s a recognised university? Why recruiters are not considering it valid? You should get the answers by contacting the right and concerned person at the said university.

  23. Hello, I have just given the 12th boards(CBSE) and going to give CPT in June this year. I’m thinking of doing Bachelors in Economics as I want to give CSE (CIVIL SERVICES EXAMINATION). Becoming CA is not my main goal but I just want to give an attempt to it. My main aim is to become an IAS Officer.
    So, what do you think of this combination? I just want to say that, I’m fully determined and ready to do hard work to achieve success in these courses. Is it possible to get all these things done in coming years and do they have any scope? (As per my combination). What is your opinion about it and can you please suggest some top colleges? If possible, you can suggest other alternatives also. THANK YOU.

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    • Hi Palak, I can well understand your situation. But, don’t get disheartened. Relax! It’s quite normal for students to appear in multiple attempts while completing such courses and they come out with flying colours. So, if this was your first attempt, you should at least give a try again. You have enrolled for it because you were interested in it, so just give it some more try before giving up.Look for your weak points, where you exactly lagged behind and try overcoming it. But, still if you feel to switch to another course, consider your own interests. Also, if possible try to complete a basic graduation degree along side to help you build a good base.


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