10 Best Stock Market Books for Beginners: Investing Basics!

We have handpicked a collection of Best Stock Market Books for beginners that shall surely guide your way. So, be ready and tighten your seat-belts to drive into the dynamic stock investing world.

Stock Market Investing: A Brief

Stock market investing seems to be a tedious task especially if you are a newbie investor. But, adding to your knowledge and keeping the stock market concepts clear is what you can surely do as a beginner. Now, it’s really difficult to grab a good book for yourself that shall help you build the fundamental knowledge base for stock market investing.

While taking the initial steps in your investment journey, a good place to start is Reading a book. There are tons of stock market books available all ready to serve a helping hand in your investing moves. Be ready to explore some of the popular investment books and the best choices amongst investors.

Not only amateurs but even experienced investors can also gain deeper insights while reading such awesome piece of work by famous authors.

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10 Best Stock Market Investing Books to read

1. The Intelligent Investor : By Benjamin Graham

What’s the one best book to read to learn about investing? The most preferred answer you will get is:¬†The Intelligent Investor. That’s indeed very true!¬†This is the best book that I have come across that covers all the diversified aspects of stock market investing.

A must read for anyone who wishes to become a great investor and learn about value investing. This book has been acknowledged globally and is a real inspiration for investors worldwide.

2. One Up on Wall Street: By Peter Lynch

A book covering interesting insights on investments.How to use your existing knowledge to beat the pros of investing. Average investors can become experts in their own field by observing business developments is what this book covers in a unique style.

3. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits: By Philip A.Fisher

A good resource for investors highlighting the basics as well as other important aspects on stock investing that one must know.It guides you in building a great investment philosophy by considering various factors.

4. Beating the Streets: By Peter Lynch

You wish to learn how finance and investment works in reality, this book seems to be an ideal choice. You can add up to your skills for attaining success in stock markets. It has a list of principles to guide investors for creating wealth. The concepts of successful investing have been explained in an easy manner.

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5. The Warren Buffett Way: By Rober G.Hagstrom

This one is a big favourite, not to be missed out! A biography of the world’s greatest investor: Warren Buffett that covers various aspects of his personal and business life plus some really useful tips and investment strategies. Indeed a great inspiration for potential investors and an interesting read to add to your collection.

6. The Little Book that still beats the market: By Joel Greenblatt

This book discusses about the basic principles of stock investing and highlights a time-tested formula that can prove to be the real success key for investors. Value investing explained in a simple manner plus a fruitful strategy to sustain in the different stock market phases.

7. Stocks to Riches: By Parag Parikh

This book demystifies stock market investing and covers some deeper insights on stocks. A handy resource for brokers, retail investors and analysts showing the right strategy of investing in the stock market.

8. The Richest Man in Babylon: By George S.Clason

This is a really interesting edition, an inspiring book on wealth. It’s a popular book on personal finance and provides financial wisdom in the form of parables. You get to learn important aspects of financial health, savings and how to hold on to your wealth and knowledge.

9. Learn to Earn : A Beginners Guide to the Basics of Investing and Business: By Peter Lynch

A basic guide to investing and business that explains how to plan your investments as well as how to think like an investor. How to read and analyse a stock table plus how to understand a company’s balance sheet as a newbie in this field.

10. How to Avoid Loss and Earn Consistently in the Stock Market: By Prasenjit Paul

A practical guide on stock market investing that helps you select the correct stocks. The various do’s and don’t for avoiding losses in stock market have been explained in a simple language. Steps for picking stocks and building a strong portfolio thereby earning consistently has been clearly defined in this book.

Have you read any of the Best Stock Market Investing Books? How was your experience reading these popular investment books by some great authors? Are you thinking to get one to add on to your book collection, but still confused?

This exclusive list of stock market books will help clear your confusion and enhance your basic investing skills and improve your stock trading styles. If you have gone through any of these or any other books on investing, do share your feedback in the comment section.

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