CA Course : How to become a Chartered Accountant or CA?

Chartered Accountant or CA…The words that bring a sense of pride and satisfaction on one’s face. The prestige and respect the prefix “CA” offers is incomparable. Ask the persons who have completed the Chartered Accountancy Course and have gone through the various phases of becoming a Chartered Accountant. Ask them How to become Chartered Accountant? Their answer will make you think deeply.

Chartered Accountancy Course: A Glimpse

Its not that simple…In fact,the journey of a Chartered Accountant is full of challenges both as a student as well as at the professional level. I should rather say an adventurous expedition! Where you need to overcome various hurdles and focus on achieving your goals with full determination.

If you are ambitious, hard working and believe in putting consistent efforts in your studies, then only read further…this is the course truly meant for you. But, if you wish to choose an easier option this may not be your cup of tea. You can look out for other feasible options.

But, wait…that doesn’t mean that you will have to sacrifice anything while doing CA course, as is normally heard. You can equally follow your hobbies and interests and enjoy your life as other students do. Its just that you need to be a bit more dedicated and focused to attain your dreams of becoming a Chartered Accountant.

So, all the passionate and hardworking students,  get ready to know the basic & minute details about this popular course. Let us make you explore the important details on the Chartered Accountancy Course and How you can become Chartered Accountant? 

Chartered Accountancy Course: A Brief Idea

Firstly, let us make one thing clear…A common query raised by people: From where you can do Chartered Accountancy Course? Which is the regulating body for CA course and the CA profession?

The Chartered Accountancy Course is regulated and managed by ICAI or The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, New Delhi. ICAI is a statutory body that has been setup by an act of Parliament to regulate the profession of Chartered Accountancy.

There are regional councils and decentralised offices setup across different states. These support the functioning and management of various tasks associated with the students and the members.

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Chartered Accountancy Course: Important Points

Few important points related to CA Course, that you need to be aware of are:

  • There are as such no regular classes for the Chartered Accountancy Course. You don’t need to attend any classes as you do in a regular college/university.
  • You can register for the CA course and do self study and appear for the exams. However,you can seek guidance from experts and members on various subjects.
  • The course fee is quite reasonable for anybody to afford in an easy manner. As compared to medical and engineering fields, where you need to shed in lakhs in the name of fee, in CA you just need to spend few thousands (a very nominal amount) as the course fee to be a part of this professional course.
  • Chartered Accountancy Course is a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical training. The theoretical aspects are tested in the form of examinations that are conducted in the month of May and November every year. While the practical part is in the form of compulsory training known as Articled training or Articleship. No doubt, the practical knowledge gained is always helpful in clearing the exams as well.
  • Requisite guidance is provided to students at each and every stage of pursuing this professional course.
  • ICAI has tie-ups with various other universities where you can pursue undergraduate and post graduate programmes alongside CA. If you are a part of the CA course and have cleared some of its exams, you can also avail certain exemptions while appearing for exams of the university with whom there is a tie-up.

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CA Course,How to become CA

Now, we shall highlight the crucial steps as to How to become a Chartered Accountant or CA in India? to make parents and students understand it in a simple manner.

How to become a Chartered Accountant or CA?

The new curriculum for CA course has been launched and the date of commencement of registration under the new scheme is 1st July 2017.

Earlier, there used to be CPT,IPCC and Final route. No fresh registrations shall be taken under this previous scheme. The new registrations shall be done under the New or Revised Scheme of CA Course.

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These names have now been changed to Foundation, Intermediate and Final. Several changes have also been made at all the levels including modifications in the syllabus and few subjects.

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So, here we shall be discussing the Revised scheme (Foundation route) preferably to help the aspiring students who wish to join this course in future:

CA Course: Through Foundation Course Route:

1. CA Foundation:

You have to register with the Board of Studies(ICAI) after appearing in 12th standard. You shall be eligible to appear in the foundation examination once you have passed your 12th standard exams.

2. CA Intermediate:

You can join intermediate course after clearing the Foundation course.You need to complete the Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft skills (ICITSS). Appear for Intermediate exams after the requisite period.

You need to join articled training (practical training) after clearing either one or both groups of Intermediate course and after undergoing ICITSS. The duration of articled training is 3 years.

In case, you joined articled training after passing one group only, you have to clear the remaining group of the Intermediate course.

3. CA Final:

After passing all the exams of Intermediate group you can register for the Final Course. At this point you need to undergo Advanced Integrated Course on Information Technology and Soft skills(AICITSS) alongside your practical training but before appearing for Final examinations.

Complete your 3 years articled training. Pass both groups of your final examination.

Please note that there is another Direct entry route to enrol to the CA Course for graduates/postgraduates to enrol directly to the Intermediate course.

The details given in this post are on “as is” basis. Please check for any modifications or updates directly from the ICAI website. You can get all the requisite information related to the CA course (Students section) as well as the CA profession (Members section) at the official website

Here you go…Ready to become a Chartered Accountant. What a great feeling it is!

Once you clear the Chartered Accountancy Final exams and have completed your articled training, you are eligible for becoming the Member of ICAI. Get enrolled as the Member of the Institute. Your name shall be written in the register of members and you shall be designated as a “Chartered Accountant”.

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Congrats! Welcome to the CA world…You are a CA now! You shall have to complete the entire course before hearing these lines. So…wake up! Enough of dreams…Be practical and focus on your career goals. Don’t worry! You can surely turn your dreams to reality by putting in the best of your efforts.

Thereon, begins a new journey…you wish to setup your own CA firm or you wish to lookout for a corporate job and thereby entering the world of professionals.

CA Course: Review 

Remember, completing the CA Course is just the beginning of a new phase followed by a new set of responsibilities ahead. As a professional, whether you get into your own practice or look for a corporate job, maintain the dignity of this profession.

If you choose this profession, just respect it and be loyal towards it and give your best, you will definitely reap the benefits in the long run.

The grand GST drive, the introduction of GST in India, has raised the demand for Chartered Accountants or CAs to a larger extent. Businesses and companies are looking for CAs all around to resolve their taxation and other queries. This has surely widened the scope and career prospects for CAs in India.

Looking at the changing scenario, our country needs a fairly large number of responsible accounting and tax professionals. Hence, CAs are the perfect answer to it.

Feel free to share your valuable feedback and any queries thereon in the comment section below.

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Are you interested in pursuing the Chartered Accountancy Course? The challenges may be high and shall require full commitment towards your studies as well as the prestigious profession. But, the final rewards that you will get on clearing the Chartered Accountancy Course shall help you build a really promising career ahead. Best of luck to all the aspiring CAs! Have a great career ahead!

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    • Now I’m in 12th standard science stream. But, initially I was sure to go with commerce. Some people scared me by saying “it’s not easy”. So, I eventually decided to do BSC. But, I am not that satisfied with my study. So, please suggest me what should I do next? Can I again come in commerce? I am very interested in commerce.

  1. Hi, I just wanted to clarify few things like people say that one doing CA has to be smart in studies and an average person can’t do it, is it true? Please reply.

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  3. I was in a great dilemma about what to choose after 12th standard. I never got a perfect suggestion from anyone. But, now I feel I can do this, I can be a chartered accountant. Thank you for sharing these details.

  4. Hello, I got 88% in my 12th standard. I am thinking to apply for CA course. I am a bit nervous. Will I be able to clear it? Heard that it is very difficult. Is it so? How to prepare well for this.

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  7. Hi. Thanks for your guidance. It inspired me to opt for CA. But, I have heard that the institute doesn’t pass the students, if the ratio goes up to maintain the ratio of CAs in market. So, I fear a bit to opt for CA. Is this true or just a rumour? Please guide.

  8. I completed my boards a few days back. I will start studying for CPT exam in a few days and will be giving the exam in June. I am sure about my decision. But, I am a bit tense about the future possibilities.I am confident of clearing CPT but I am worried about the future exams. So, I just wish to know that after doing CA or along with CA what other courses can be done.

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  10. Hi, I am interested in doing CA. Just a bit hesitant. I have heard that this is a tough course. I am an average student. But, I really wish to do a good professional course like CA and build a great career.

    • Hi Manish,If you are weak in English you surely can work upon improving it.Put some extra efforts : Read good books,have an English dictionary by your side to understand meanings of complex words and practice a lot to become fluent in English.This should not affect your career decision in anyway.

    • Hi Sowmi,there is no specific regular college for pursuing CA. It is a self study course where you need to get registered, study, complete your practical training and appear for the exams. You can get guidance from the regional and decentralised office opened to help students.
      You have to register yourself for the course with ICAI, Delhi which is the regulating body for this professional course.You can get complete details in the students section at

      • Hi,I want to become CA but have heard that it’s not an easy course.Is it really true? Can an average student do CA course? Please guide.Thanks.

        • Hi Rajveer, Yes CA is not an easy course.It requires immense hard work and regular efforts.It doesn’t matter if you are an average student. Your determination to do any course is what actually matters.So,think deeply and analyse your interests before taking a final decision.All the best!

  11. Hi, I am in 9th std and I am really confused. What should I take after 10th class? I want to choose commerce field. So,is CS or CA a good option ? But, my goal is to become financial broker. Please reply.

  12. Hello,I passed my 10th standard this year.Initially I was very confused which stream I should opt for.I have no problem with science but I don’t know what made me to opt for commerce.I desperately want to be a CA.I love chapters related to tax, shares, banking, economics & trade.People often say CA isn’t easy.Please guide me ahead.I am very confused what to do the next.

    • Hi Harshali,I can well understand your situation.This is a common confusion amongst students as to which course to pursue to build a good career.We have already mentioned a list of few popular courses in our article.
      Before taking a decision,the first and the foremost thing to do is to know your specific interests.What are your favourite subjects and what you actually want to become in future.Once you are clear on that,it will be easy for you to decide.As per your details,it seems you are interested in the commerce field.
      You seem interested in doing CA but are scared hearing that its not easy.This thinking is pretty normal since a professional course like CA involves consistent efforts and a strong determination.CA is tough and needs real hard work and patience.Although its easy to enter the course but higher the levels,the more efforts you need to put in.So,while pursuing CA,your main focus should be on :
      * Studying and understanding things minutely.
      * In depth analysis of various topics.
      * Learning from your articleship experience.
      * Knowledge addition in the best possible manner that will be a guiding map towards your success both in becoming a CA as well as in your life ahead.
      Before opting for it,just check for yourself What your actual interests are and which career you want to choose.
      All the best !

    • Hi, CA is a well recognised professional course in India.For building a career abroad you will need to clear certain additional exams.You may get some exemptions for which you will have to check with the Institute.You will have to make yourself familiar with the laws and taxes of the country where you reside in order to establish a career there.

  13. CA is a good course.But,it requires a lot of efforts.I am ready to put all hard work and expect to get desired results.Thanks for giving useful details.

  14. Hello! I want to ask if anyone who is not rich can do CA course.Can anyone be a CA without taking any private classes? and last question is this how much is the total fee of this great professional course? Please help.

  15. Hello,I have just now passed SSC exam and got 70.20% and now I have decided to do CA.So,firstly I have to clear CA foundation exam.Do I need to join any classes to clear this exam.So,please give any advice or opinion to me that whether I should join these classes or not.

    • Hi Rishik, There are no regular classes as such.But,you can go for private coaching if you wish to especially for the practical subjects.You shall get study material once you register plus you can refer additional books if needed.

  16. Hi, I am thinking of doing CA.But, I like to continue singing also along with that.People say while doing CA we don’t get time for other things like singing,dancing,coaching etc. I am totally confused.

    • Hi Adithi,
      Its true that CA is not so easy and requires immense hard work and dedication.But,if you have the confidence and interest of pursuing it, you can surely put in the best of your efforts and succeed. Looking at your details,it seems singing is your passion and you really enjoy it. So,sacrificing your passion may not make you feel good at a later stage.
      The first thing you need to do is to decide for yourself, do you wish to to continue singing as a hobby or as a career.If its just a hobby, you can anyways carry it along with CA. The study schedule for CA students is a bit tightened, but you can take along your hobbies well.
      However,if you are interested in building a career in singing,then the scene may be a bit different.May be then it might not be easy for you to handle both simultaneously.So,relax and think what are your actual interests and then take a decision.All the best !

  17. Hi, I had completed my 12th in 2016 and after that I attempted CPT. But, I have not cleared in Dec. Then again attended in June 2017 and I again failed.So,please suggest me what can I do now.

    • Hi Amir,please don’t be depressed.Failure is hard to carry, but that is just a stepping stone towards success.You tried 2 times but couldn’t succeed.That’s ok and normal in a professional and tough course like CA. If you are interested in doing CA then you should at least give it another try. Meanwhile,you can do a bachelor’s degree alongside ( through correspondence). This will serve dual purpose, in case your interest is in CA, a bachelor’s degree is anyways helpful. But,in case you feel like you are not able to cope with the CA course schedule, you will at least have a backup option.

  18. I have heard that CA is not an easy course.A lot of hard work required.I am confused whether to opt for it or do something easier.

    • Hi Navya,CA is not an easy course.You are right.But,nothing in life is easy.You have to put in your hard work to achieve success.Firstly,decide are you determined and ready to put extra efforts,then only go for it.

    • I am currently in 12th standard and I want to pursue CA ahead. I am not a very brilliant student. But, I am ready to put in all my efforts. Does ca course requires too much intelligence or I can clear it easily?


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