Omnesys NEST Review: Algo Trading Platform in India

Our today’s topic of discussion is “OMNESYS NEST” review of the algo trading platform in India. Analyse and learn about this software solution for stock trading for investors and traders.

Aren’t we all searching for the right tool for all our investment and trading needs? We have been discussing many tools and platforms lately. So, here I bring to you one more trading platform which is popular in India: “Omnesys Nest”.

Omnesys NEST: An Overview

Omnesys NEST is one of the most popular stock trading platform available in India. This product was launched by a Bangalore based company “Omnesys Technologies Pvt. Ltd.”. “NEST” here means Next Generation Electronic Securities Trading platform.

Omnesys Nest is a new resolution and innovative platform which offers “Tools of the Trade” for all genre of users like:

  • Institutional and retail brokers (both foreign and domestic),
  • Proprietary desks, and
  • Stock exchanges.

Therefore, NEST comprises of tools like trading tools, market data, exchange connectivity, and much more.

What does NEST offer?

In simple words, NEST is the platform which supports trading in:

NEST Trading Software

NEST trading the platform has set of 4 trading software for individual retail clients:

1. NEST Trader:

This platform is a desktop trading terminal which is basically used by frequent traders. This is known as one of the fastest trading software here in India.

2. NEST Web:

This is hosted on an online web trading portal. It is generally used by casual investors who don’t trade that often.

3. NEST Mobile:

This platform is a mobile trading app. It is easily accessible and always available for trading and can prove to be quite handy.

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This offering from NEST, is an API which can be used by the developers or/and by Algo Traders. Omnesys NEST API is used in Zerodha Kite, Upstox, Finvasia, etc.

Omnesys NEST: Features to Know

Here are a few important features of this popular algo trading software:

1. Easy and Speedy Accessibility:

NEST can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. This product is compatible with mobile, laptop and other resources. So, your investment and trading details can be viewed and reviewed around the clock with no impact on our plans.

2. Single platform for all your needs:

All the requirements which you would need to perform important trading functions including order management, automated and algorithmic trading, direct market access, smart order routing, back office solutions, sophisticated risk management, and more are all available in one single platform.

Thus I might not be wrong in saying, that this can be your one stop shop for all your stock trading needs.

3. Provides a Strategic edge

Omnesys Nest is a front-runner in proprietary trading. This also provides multiple programming models to help traders and programmers with strategy advancement and strategic decision making.

4. Extensive Support for members need

NEST is built on the latest technology which enables the platform to allow customization to meet the needs of the members or subscribers. Hence, this trading platform is flexible to handle and manage the ongoing and ever-changing needs of the subscriber.

5. Detailed Reports

NEST is very user-friendly and easy to navigate through. It also provides detailed reports on market analytics and other related financial data. These reports can be easily accessed which helps you make the decision on investment more efficiently.

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To summarise, it’s best to say that “Omnesys Nest” is a trading and investment tool which is easily accessible with great speed. It has an extensive client support mechanism. Further, supporting all category of users from individual traders to the developers, further adds to its various advantages.

What do you think about Omnesys Nest? Which stock trading platform do your prefer? Looking at the numerous alternatives available, isn’t it very confusing to choose the best trading platform to meet you investing goals? Feel free to discuss.

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