25 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

Are you thinking to start your own business or provide services without shedding out lots of money? If yes, you will get to know some really creative small business ideas with low investment after going through this blog.

Small Business Ideas with Low Investment:

We have shortlisted a whole range of small business ideas that shall guide your way in making the correct business choice. Just remember, you can always start small and reach towards your bigger goals in the long run. Big empires or businesses that you see today also started their journey from scratch. They are the result of the hard work and passion of the persons behind them, the dynamic entrepreneurs who worked to grow their businesses.

You never know, you can also be a successful entrepreneur by putting new ideas into action. A systematic and a well planned strategy can just do wonders for you.

For now, gathering traditional plus innovative business ideas won’t cost you a penny. So, what are you waiting for? Lets go through some amazing business ideas with fairly low investment. Get ready to choose the best one for yourself that helps to bring out your inner potential and hidden talents.

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10 Creative Small business ideas: Best List

1. Social Media Services:

Today is the social media era and you can’t ignore the rising popularity of social media channels all around.All businesses need to grow their internet presence in order to progress. So, if you are the one having adequate socialising techniques, you can opt for a career in social media services.

This may include  a wide array of SEO services, posting on blogs, sharing and promoting products on social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc.

2. Freelancing:

Becoming a freelancer has been gaining huge popularity in the past few years. You can look out for specific jobs and assignments in your area of specialisation. Follow genuine sites and start earning part time or full time without any extra cost.

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3. Content writing:

The work of content development is also getting common these days. Companies look for efficient content writers who can provide quality articles to be posted on their website. There are diversified fields to show your content writing expertise these days.

Now, if you have good writing skills, you can pursue this content writing business in an easy manner.

4. Blogging:

Start your own blog or we can say your own website in simple words. This shall widen your horizon and you shall get a chance to explore other sources of earning income. A very minimal initial investment may be required but that can be recovered once you become successful.

5. Online courses:

Prepare your online courses, modules and tutorials to educate students of different age groups. If you have the calibre to express yourself in an impressive manner, you can easily sell off your courses on different websites.

6. Affiliate marketing:

Promoting other products and earning a commission based on sales is not a new concept.The difference is just that earlier it used to be offline but now online modes are available.Affiliate marketing is also one such online method to promote product and services on websites, social media, through e-mail marketing wherein you get a certain commission as agreed upon initially.

Heard about Amazon and Flipkart, the popular online shopping sites. They offer good affiliate programs that can help you earn a decent amount by promoting them.

7. Event Organising:

The event management career is also gaining momentum nowadays. Starting from smaller events to lavishly organised programmes, all require the help of event planners. So, if you possess the necessary skills and unique ideas plus some basic knowledge about event planning, you can enjoy turning this into a successful venture.

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8. Translation service:

If you have a good command over multiple languages, this might be a great fit for you. Companies look to hire translation experts who can interpret and translate documents in different languages. If you can understand and speak various languages fluently, this can be an added advantage.

9. Car Pool service:

Look at the traffic around you, its exploding. This unique idea of having your own car pool service shall provide multiple benefits not only to you but to society also. It shall be your earning source, save fuel cost, reduce the number of vehicles on road and help in controlling pollution. So, if you have a car, connect with persons moving to a single destination and share a single car.Of course charge a fee, for offering this service.

10. Mobile food service:

Opening a restaurant/food joint is a traditional business idea. In the present world, providing mobile food service is the talk of the town. Remember your childhood when you enjoyed getting the ice-cream from the ice-cream vendor who came at your doorstep. Similarly, starting your own mobile food service supplying food/beverages can be a big attraction in the life of busy people around.

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15 Traditional Business Ideas with Low Investment:

We have also listed few traditional business ideas that have been followed since ages. Not getting into the details, just mentioning these career options that you might already know.

  1. Accounting/bookkeeping
  2. Tuition classes
  3. Cooking classes
  4. Hobby classes
  5. Career counselling
  6. Fitness classes or Gym
  7. Catering services
  8. Tiffin services
  9. Travel agency
  10. Day care services
  11. Tour guide
  12. Data Entry jobs
  13. Fashion Boutique
  14. Home made chocolates/other food items
  15. Consultant
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This was our list of some common as well as some new business ideas. You may require to go for certain specific or creative courses to opt for some of these fields. While in some, your basic qualification shall be sufficient.

Did you observe one thing? You can start some of these businesses or provide these services even from your home. So, these are some easy ways to earn from home. Now,that sounds great. Isn’t it! So, if you don’t like or cannot go for a 9 to 6 job and want to do something of your own that too from your home, these business ideas might be of your interest.

The best part is that you don’t have to spend much while choosing these options. These business ideas can be made effective with a small or no initial investment.

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Now, what you need to do? Analyse your skills and put your efforts in the right direction in order to earn profits from these low cost businesses. Any kind of business requires complete dedication and hard work to turn it into success.

Did you like the above list of small business ideas with low investment or no investment? Which idea did you like? Which business idea have you chosen? Do you wish to further add to our massive list of new business ideas? Feel free to join our interesting discussion on innovative good business ideas.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this article. I am planning to start a business. I like what you shared because it just needs a low investment.

  2. Thanks for sharing these great ideas for business. I believe that this is very helpful. Blogging got my attention. There are already lots of people making it. I also want to try it.

  3. Hi,Great post and a very unique idea to write a blog about types of businesses that can be started with low investment.There are some seriously good businesses mentioned that can be started with low investment.
    In my view tiffin services, mobile food service, blogging, freelancing are the best sources. But tiffin service is one which would have never ending requirements.Thanks again for sharing ideas!!


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