Spider Software India Reviews: Technical Analysis Software Solution

Spider Software India is a prime developer of advanced Real-time and End of Day (EOD) Technical Analysis Software for stock traders in India. It offers a range of tools, stock market charting and technical analysis software for getting accurate trading forecast. By using the software user can very easily analyze the stock market and get a better understanding of the market’s movements. As a result of this, over the years, it gained a lot of popularity among traders and became one of the best technical analysis software of India.

Spider Software India: Key Features

Here are some of the unique features that you can probably find in the software created by Spider Software India:

1. Auto Trendline:

Spider Software India offers auto trendline feature for easy trend identification and confirmation. It can automatically draw the trend line as a chart. This feature helps find out various chart patterns such as triangle, head, shoulders and so on.

2. Gann Square of 9:

Squares, circles and triangles are some of the common shapes that form the basis for most of the Gann’s works on analyzing the financial market. Manually calculating these can be very difficult and time-consuming. Spider Software offers Gann Square of 9 feature, which can help find out the advanced support and resistance very easily.

3. Group Analysis:

Group analysis is a way to filter the full exchange for finding out the top gainers and top losers in the live market. By using the group analysis feature of Spider Software users can get the perfect result of gainer groups and looser groups. It has more than 1500 NSE and 3000 BSE scripts active scripts.

4. Derivative Summary Report:

By using this feature users can get the summary of a particular script of options and futures contracts. It also offers the report on open interest, changes in percentage and Option Greeks in just one click. Users can also generate the calendar spread report in a single click.

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5. Candlestick Scanner:

Spider Software also offers a candlestick scanner, which plays an important role in any type of technical analysis. Users can easily predict the market activity with the help of this candlestick scanner. It helps traders to scan the chart and find various candlesticks such as Doji, Hammer, Dark cloud cover and so on in a single click.

6. Features Premium Report:

This feature provides the real-time premium discount report by using various useful filters. When the discount widens, the bearish mood of the market increases, whereas when the premium widens, then the bullish mood of market increases.

7. Delivery Volume Report:

Delivery volume reports are those volumes in a script which were not covered on the same trading day, means they were not meant for intraday, rather they were marked for delivery in the Demat account. Spider Software provides this feature where users can get data on their long term and positional trades. A sudden increase in the delivery percentage of stock signifies the accumulation and distribution patterns.

8. Price Based Chart Types:

Users can easily identify trend and breakouts by using various prices based charts such as Point and Figure chart, Renko chart, Kagi chart and Darvas Box chart.

Spider Software India: How It Works?

Spider Software India offers a unique Internet-based client-server model, for distributing the share market data to the users. The clients’ end is a decision-making terminal, which is equipped with facilities for numerical analysis, technical analysis and fundamental analysis, to help traders make the right choices on their trading.

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Spider Software India also offer Financial Stock analysis. The user-friendly trading process is extremely easy to use. Apart from these, the platform host various training sessions and query-solving workshops, which acts as a supporting feature, to help all the traders and investors.

Spider Software: For Which Countries Is It Available?

Spider Software India offers a technical analysis software, which is exclusively designed for the Indian traders. It provides real-time technical analysis and end of day software, which is licensed as the NSE and BSE vendor in India.

Who Can Use It?

As mentioned above, the Spider Software India is a well known technical analysis software, which can be beneficial to all the day-traders and investors. Many renowned analysts and trading experts prefer Spider software for their day to day trading. It also holds various training session and query-solving workshops by expert traders and professionals so that even anyone who is a beginner in trading can get a hold to this software.

Spider Software India: Products Offered

Spider Software provides a total of 8 types of products. They are as follows:

1. Spider IRIS+:

Provides real-time analysis of live data on NSE and also provides data on futures, track cash and F&O scrips.

2. Spider IRIS:

The product offers real-time NSE data to the traders for analyzing and tracking it efficiently.

3. Spider CTCL:

The product provides live tracking of the equity market from data obtained through the Neat Feed.

4. Spider NSEFX:

It can easily track and analyze any major movement of the currency market in real-time.

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5. Spider IRIS CFX:

It provides live tracking of MCX future contracts, and can also provide insight into the market summary.


As the name suggests, it provides EOD data, post-market NSE, as well as the F&O intraday history and backtesting.

7. Spider ACE:

The product is equipped with an excellent charting & comprehensive tools, which supports multiple exchanges.

8. Spider ACE PRO:

Finally, this product is equipped with all the unique features to track the market and explore various trading opportunities.

Spider Software India: Pros and Cons

Few of the pros and cons are:


  • Offer Query function.
  • Users can check any kind of movement by using Candlesticks, Indicators, Oscillators and so on.
  • User Friendly.
  • No coding skills needed.
  • A lot of shortcuts for easy trading.
  • Knowledge base for new users.


  • No coding function.
  • Not so good Customer Support.
  • Expensive

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Spider Software India: Reviews

So now you have it! This was all about Spider Software India. Even though it has it’s cons but it gives that information, which no other platform can give you that well. It offers a range of functions and anyone can use the software very easily. Now, if you are looking for robust technical analysis software, Spider Software India might provide a possible alternative for you to go with.

One may find it a little bit expensive. But for the kind of important data it provides, is it worth spending on such technical analysis software? Or do you have any other stock analysis software to share? Feel free to discuss.

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