Upstox Pro App Review 2024: Features, Benefits in Stock Trading

With the advent of discount brokerage and technological advancement, many trading platforms have come into existence, catering to the growing number of individuals inclined towards trading. Upstox is one such fast growing discount brokerage firm accelerating at a fast pace in India. The app is available on the android play store with already 1,000,000+ downloads within a span of 4 years only.

An app like Upstox Pro promises features such as access to cash, options, futures, currency markets; multiple chart options, technical indicators, algorithmic trading, price alerts and so on.

Upstox Pro App: Features & Benefits

Let’s dig a bit deeper and understand the Features of the this popular application.

  • A simple yet powerful feature of the app is the “market status” which informs if the markets are open or closed. This can be quite useful to beginners who are new to the markets with their timings and holidays.
  • Other features such as “settings” are fairly straightforward which lets you choose between themes, language, access terms of service, etc. You also get the facility to chat with customer service on the app with the “chat with us” option.
  • A good analytical tool has become the pre-requisite of any good trading app as they let you weigh on your options with deeper insights. This product provides charts that can be viewed in portrait or landscape mode and the toolbox available lets you add technical indicators such as moving average, Fibonacci, trend line, etc.
  • The app delivers movements between different windows with ease. The watch list lets you add tickers and alerts from the markets without an issue.
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Also, opening an account can be initiated with the app itself if your mobile number is linked with Aadhaar, otherwise, an offline process can be sought. Funds can be added through your bank account (once included) or google pay, UPI or Net banking to start stock trading.

How does the Upstox App work?

For placing orders, you can tap on the interested stock on the watchlist to access the buy or sell option.

Once the share is chosen; you come across order options such as:

  • The quantity to be placed,
  • Order complexity (simple/cover/after-market),
  • Order type (market/limit/Stop loss limit/stop-loss market),
  • Product (intraday/delivery), validity and disclosed quantity.

Once you have decided on all the option you can place your order through online portal.

Interestingly, orders can be placed, and positions viewed through the chart window as well, which is quite helpful to traders who need to make orders at a moment’s notice without having to switch to the main menu.

Furthermore, the app also lets you employ algorithms to implement machine-based analysis and invest in mutual funds through tax saver, equity, debt funds to expand your portfolio.

Upstox has seen a manifold increase in its customer base in the past few years. It has been trying hard to keep up with the user demands for the app. However, it seen its share of criticisms from its customer but have unique features like “withdrawal of funds up to Rs. 50,000 within minutes” as many trading platforms don’t offer such a feature yet. Thus, go through your requirements and match it with products features and services and start your trading journey.

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Which is your favourite stock trading app? Feel free to discuss.

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