Zerodha Varsity Review: How Good is it for Investors/ Traders?

Do you have an idea what is Zerodha Varsity? How good is it for a trader or an investor? I researched a bit on it, so sharing my opinion and presenting a complete Zerodha Varsity Review.

Even with such a large population in India, only 2-5% of us invest in the market. Have you ever given a thought as to why? It may be due to lack of expertise or knowledge in those areas, or the fear of the unknown features of the market.

From our childhood, we learn our alphabets and slowly we start framing sentences, and over the period we start writing and communicating more efficiently. Similarly, we also need to learn about the markets to get a beneficial edge over the same.

So, how do we learn about the capital markets, the modes and method of investments? Nowadays in the market, there are so many user-friendly products. But even with all these products many of us find it difficult to understand complex concepts, and how to start investing in the same. This is when good education portals like “Zerodha Varsity” come to your rescue.

Let’s first know about the company which we are discussing today.

Zerodha: A Pioneer in Discount Broking

Zerodha is a Bangalore based company which started on 15th August 2010 is a trading company. It is said to be India’s largest and the best discount broker. The company offers many products like:

1. Zerodha Streak: An online algorithm trading platform that requires no coding skills.
2. Zerodha Coin: A direct mutual fund platform that lets individual buy mutual funds online directly from the market.
3. Zerodha KITE: A trading platform that is developed by in-house Zerodha engineers which enables its user to trade directly at BSE, NSE, and MCX.
4. Zerodha Varsity: This can also be called as one of the products, a great education initiative by Zerodha. Today I’ll be discussing the same in details in this article.

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What is Zerodha Varsity? How to use the same?

Zerodha Varsity is a knowledge hub which helps you and me understand the market jargons and enables us to comprehend the market investment. There are modules laid down for each topic to understand personal finance, market condition, trading and risk management.

A Quick Link to Open Free Equity Investment Account with Zerodha

Zerodha Varsity Modules:

This is categorised into different modules for studying, some of these are:

  • Introduction to Stock Markets (14 Chapters)
  • Markets and Taxation (7 Chapters)
  • Personal Finance (4 Chapters)
  • Risk Management & Trading Psychology (16 Chapters)
  • Options Strategies (13 Chapters) and many more.

They have recently launched financial basic concept books for kids, so that they learn and understand finance from the very beginning.

The modules are available in both English and Hindi language to make more people educated. And, they are looking into introducing more regional languages to encourage more people to develop and learn the importance and benefit of investments.

You need to create your log in and password and then you can access the knowledge hub anytime and anywhere. This knowledge base can either be accessed through the internet or mobile application. You can download the app through Google play store.

This is a free of charge platform. You don’t have to pay any separate charges to have access to it.

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How Good is Zerodha Varsity?

To conclude, this a useful online stock market educational initiative which can help us learn about the markets and the various risk and investment schemes and lessons. A knowledge hub for stock market trading insights and investing education, all at one place.

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Zerodha Varsity, a source to help us catch up with the changing market and its procedures. We got a teacher to teach us about investments, and relieve the fear and anxiety which we normally feel on a daily basis. What are your views on Zerodha Varsity? Have you gone through it? Feel free to discuss.

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