Best Newspapers for Stock Market News: India & Beyond

As you know, knowledge is considered to be a very important factor in shaping a bright future. Newspaper for a very long time has been a very powerful source of information. Just like any other business or general newsletter, a stock market newsletter is well equipped with the most recent stories in the markets. With the advent of internet, along with paper newspapers, electronic or e-newsletter have also been a very common medium.

Information is power and being equipped with the interesting and trending market news is vital to prepare for any unlikely situation.  So, below we list few of the most popular and accepted newspapers in the trading circles. We have included both print and e-paper options for you. So, stay updated with current events!

Best Newspapers for Stock Market News

Let’s take a quick look at the big names in the financial and business news industry:

1. Moneycontrol:

  • This portal is quite popular and readily utilized to procure news related to stocks/shares, NSE, BSE, and also the global market.
  • Several beginners are drawn to it because of its plainness and widespread acceptability.
  • It acts as a one source access to the latest economic stories, tools, updates, investment portfolio, and real time quotes on a variety of monetary instruments such as shares, commodities, currencies, etc.
  • Highlights include analysis and advice articles from expert investors/traders to help their readers make an informed decision.
  • Furthermore, the money control forum is a wonderful tool to engage with subject specialists to clarify doubts and questions.

When I was learning about trading, our teacher would occasionally cite articles from this website which would focus on individual pitfalls and triumphs. It motivated and kept us aware of the phases of struggle in the journey which every trader must go through.

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2. Business Standard:

  • One of the largest English language daily edition financial newspaper in the country. Its available in print and digital form and is published by Business Standard Ltd.
  • Offers reports on individual economics, current affairs, financial system, business opinions and so on.
  • Provides analysis sector or industry wise which helps in gaining insight into valuations and its rational.
  • Features share prices of prominent businesses, Nifty, Gold, Sensex and so on.
  • People tend to prefer business standard as it also doesn’t carry too many advertisements.

3. The Economic Times:

  • Widely available in most corporate offices, it offers an exhaustive coverage of the markets, business, politics, economy, technology, start-ups and so on.
  • It’s available both in print and digital form.
  • The economic Time or ET is an English language daily paper which began in 1961 and is headquartered in Mumbai, India.
  • Financial news, latest economy news, stock market news, or  IPO analysis, etc. you get it all here.

4. Moneylife India:

  • An online financial magazine, a source of personal finance and industry related information. This is well regarded by many for its up to date articles related to shares, mutual funds, insurance etc.
  • Founded by Sucheta Dalal and Debashish Basu, who are renowned personalities in the field of finance. The portal delivers simplistic and informed accounts to its readers.
  • They provide a subscription based advisory service as well.

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5. Google Finance:

  • A website providing extensive information related to the exchanges, economy and also covering the latest business stories across the world.
  • Other attributes include data related to price quotes, charts, comparative analysis, reports, and links to further your knowledge.
  • Owing to its vigorous search functionality and wide embedded smartphone utility, it also comes across as the fastest way to access updates related to shares.
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Best International News Source

We talked enough of best news sources in India, let’s also learn about the best international news resources.


Reuters is one of the world’s biggest and famous international news agency. Discover latest news from any nook and corner of the world through this trusted online source. Get regular updates on stocks, business, technology, entertainment, to name a few. Gather interesting and trending financial, national and international news and read trending articles through this valuable information hub.

Best Newspapers India & Beyond

Many of these newspaper organizations have started their own mobile applications and internet page which enables the fast-moving generation to be up-to-date on every points and details of ongoing market conditions.

In conclusion, access to stock news is far more accessible than it used to be in the past and timely availability helps to exploit probable opportunities in the market. The best traders pay close attention to these sources for quick action and enterprising growth.

Which financial newspaper or e-paper do you prefer to read? Any other best stock market news source, you would like to add here, feel free to discuss.

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