Best YouTube Channels for Indian Stock Market: Investing in India

Know about the Best YouTube channels to learn about stock market in India. Gather some interesting ideas and strategies from different sources.

YouTube, where to start with it? Let me try, it’s a simple video sharing application which has taken over the world and 60% of the population under its spell. The app started from being an entertainment platform and now is one of highest-grossing companies with wide and large public earning their livelihood too. Like any other channel it also encourages education perspective that is helpful to understand any new concept, feature or method.

Similarly, there are many channels on YouTube which help you and me gather information on the stock market and its functionality a bit better. Let us focus on those resources today and that brings to my topic today which is: “Best Youtube channel to learn Stock Market in India”.

Best YouTube Channels for Stock Market Learning

Let me take you through the top list of stock educators on the application:

1. Pranjal Kamra:

With astonishing 1.26M subscribers, this Youtube channel owner Pranjal Kamra himself provides the interesting videos on stock market learning. He has a distinctive way i.e. “Kamra’s Finology” which breaks down the complex market terminologies and processes in a simplified language. That’s easy to grasp for the common man! Along with videos, he has also started a website to enable the users to gain benefits of excel tools, analysis and get better in trading.


With a fascinating 918k subscribers, this is a Hindi channel which focuses on stock market education for the beginners. Simple language with practical examples are its biggest traits. The channel is true to its motto i.e. Learn-Analyse-Invest and works on imparting these skills in simple language which are easy to understand and implement in our financial decisions.

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3. Nitin Bhatia       

This channel was started in 2015 by Nitin Bhatia, a full-time stock market trader and has gained 690K+ subscribers already. The unique points of his videos are the simplification of all complicated topics in the stock market. He follows a very unique and understandable approach of explaining complex stock trading and investment topics which surely helps the viewers. This Youtube channel offers videos in both Hindi as well as English.

4. Market Gurukul:

Operating from February 2013, this channel is now with 381K subscribers and rising. The channel aims to enrich the skill level to make and enable the viewer to be an expert in stock trading. Apart from stock trading you gain a lot about forex trading and commodity market and it offers a vast range of learning material to the subscribers.

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With, in all 234K subscriber and highly expanding numbers this channel has a different way to educate and empower its viewers. Apart from Hindi and English the channels also post videos in Bengali. They have many popular segments but one of the crowd pleasure is “Meet market Rockstars” wherein they ask the market high grosses to talk about their journey.

The above are some of the highlighted and popular Youtube video makers. Of course, the internet is loaded with so many. All have their unique style of educating and imparting their knowledge and skills in the stock market arena.

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So, please go ahead browse through, do your research and get the best fit for your financial needs. A good teacher makes you feel that your exam went well. Similarly, you can find the right “Stock Market Mentor” to increase awareness, enhance your skills and become a stock market expert. Of course, no one can guarantee profits in the highly volatile stock markets. But, with adequate knowledge, you can stand strong to face the ups and downs of the dynamic stock industry.

Disclaimer: A high degree of risk involved in stock trading and investing. The details given on this website are for informational purpose only and cannot be constituted as professional advice in any regard. Please follow due diligence while investing your money. We are not endorsing the above channels and are not associated with any of these.

Which YouTube channel makes investing easier for you? Which one is your favourite? Do you have any other Stock market Youtube channels to add here? Feel free to share in the comment section.

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