ICICI Direct Trade Racer Review: Web, App Trading Platform

Do you know about the power packed trading platform i.e. ICICI Direct Trade Racer? If not, we’ll give a brief idea of What is Trade Racer? How it is used?

Trading is now-a-days a popular source of income. There are so many players in the market which provide such facilities and resources to enhance the trading experience of their users.

From trading advisory columns to multiple trading windows features, the list of advantages and add-on benefits are far-reaching.

One of the big players in the market which provides such a trading terminal is “ICICI Direct” So, Trade racer has been a very popular trading terminal, also called the trading arm of ICICI.

So, this portal enables their subscribers to trade and earn returns on their investments. “Trade racer” is a valuable trading resource embedded with ICICI direct. It not only offers Live streaming quotes, market analysis but gives you seamless convenience with market scanners.

So, let’s see what is Trade Racer?

ICICI Direct Trade Racer

Just like its name, it’s software provides real-time running quotes on the screen of the user. Thus, users are empowered to en-cash the benefit of the fluctuating markets at the optimum.

Features of ICICI Trade Racer

The portal provides many unique features to enable and benefit their users. Some of the important features are:

1. Trend Scanner:

This tool maps intra-day price movements to find shares or units that are trending. These trends are identified based on technical parameters set at a pre-defined level. This helps the user to check and identify the trading shares and helps them investment decision making.

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2. Live Scanner:

It maps and tracks price movements of the share and generates such reports on price movement at daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly levels. This provides a complete overview of the movement in prices of the selected shares or units.

3. Heat Map:

This is nothing but price movement indicators of the financial instruments. The view is marked with green (upward movement) and red (downward movement). This view provides a synopsis of the market at a go.

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4. Different Views:

There are basically 3 generic views available once you log-in. These are as follows:

  • Analytical view
  • Derivatives view
  • Margin view
    Hence, these views are customized to suit the needs of the trader and help them to take decisions accordingly.

5. User friendly:

This platform is highly flexible and user-friendly. It allows it’s user to customize their view, layout, color coding, grid layout and more as per preferences and requirements.

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6. Multiple Watch List:

The software allows users to add upto 5 list of shares and a financial instrument which the user is interested and want to track movements of such units. Each such list can comprise of 20 scrips .

7. Charts and Reports:

Apart from the above unique offerings, the portal can generate market depicting charts and reports for ease of understanding and analysis of the market.

Thus, overall Trade Racer is terminal based trading software which helps you with details, trackers and reporting feature to understand the market better.

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The Bottom Line

Market analysis can help us take investment related decisions more efficiently and correctly. Right shares at the right time simply mean higher returns. This advanced tool is a helping hand to all the traders to manage their portfolio and move to higher profits. Also, there are no extra charges to use ICICI Trade racer as such.

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Don’t you think it is a good option for heavy traders and experts? The ones who look for high performance and technical assistance. What do you say?

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